Something to Say

This article was published in the November 2009 issue of the The Christian Science Sentinel. It describes how I overcame feelings of inadequacey and shyness.


As I plunged into my first year of college I looked up to the Resident Assistants as strong, unselfish, and caring leaders of the community. It was during my freshman year that I decided I wanted to be an RA, too, someday!

I became an RA my junior year, but first, I had to complete almost ten weeks of training at the end of sophomore year. Twice a week the group of new RAs, the two Freshman Resident Counselors, and the Freshman Housing Director met for two hours to discuss topics like the metaphysical purpose of the college, leadership responsibilities of our job, and the ultimate cause of the Christian Science movement. I listened attentively to the inspiring and insightful ideas shared during these sessions, but I was also painfully aware that I had not contributed any comments of my own. Continue reading “Something to Say”