The Oscars: A Night of Profound Beauty

oscars-2013It’s the night many of us wait for all year. It’s a night dedicated to art in some of it’s highest forms. Whether you tune in to admire the art of fashion, cinematography, music, or animation, the Oscars have something that speaks to each one of us. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate all the varied and higher beauties of this life. International author and religious leader Mary Baker Eddy says, “My sense of the beauty of the universe is, that beauty typifies holiness, and is something to be desired.” Tonight’s Academy Awards are about more than glitz and glamour, the event is a representation of beauty, including dedication, diligence, and passion, that characterizes holiness. Continue reading “The Oscars: A Night of Profound Beauty”


To Remember and Forget (Part 2)

            “You can’t make a living as a musician! How will you support me and any others who come along?”

            “All right, all right,” Jim surrendered. Jim was tired of the same argument over and over again. “I promise I’ll get a more practical job. What was it you said? One where ‘I get my hands dirty.’” Jim smiled. The smile frustrated Estelle. It frustrated her because she couldn’t fight that smile. All the hardness she had built up during the course of an argument evaporated and left her naked. Continue reading “To Remember and Forget (Part 2)”

Painting Worlds (Part 3)

Here is the conclusion of “Painting Worlds.” More stories will follow!

Painting Worlds (Conclusion)

            Tumbles of raven curls framed Viola’s smooth heart-shaped face. Estelle tied a section of Viola’s hair to the side with a violet ribbon that matched the dress she wore.

            “All right, children, I’ll be here when you get back.” Estelle pulled Victor and Viola to her and kissed them both before sending them out the door to school.

            Viola carried her notebook in one arm and a lunch pail in the other as she and Victor walked to school. She had partially completed her arithmetic but was sure she got most of them wrong.

Continue reading “Painting Worlds (Part 3)”

Painting Worlds (Part 2)

            Victor looked up from his arithmetic briefly as Viola entered the room. Viola sighed and slumped on her bed where her notebook lay unopened. She sat on her bed and glanced around the room. She huffed.

            “I love math,” Victor said putting down his pencil.

            Viola rolled her eyes and opened her notebook. She had a series of multiplication and division problems to complete. They stared at her. She glanced back up and saw something much more interesting. She shut her notebook and took a book from the shelf.

            “Viola, you should be studying,” Victor warned.

            “Mrs. Browning said we should read every day.”

            “But what about your sums? If you don’t do them for tomorrow she’ll make you write them out ten times. Don’t you get tired of that?”

            “I don’t know why I can’t just study music like Daddy did in school.”

            “He focused on music in college not in the fifth grade. And, he had to study every subject to get to college, anyhow.”

            There was a pause before Victor spoke again, “I like to study everything. It can be fun.” His mouth widened into a straight line across his face—his smile.

            “You’re just saying that because Mother says it,” Viola smiled back.

            “Maybe it’s not always fun. But it’s worth it. I know it’ll get me somewhere someday.”

            “Someday,” Viola echoed. Continue reading “Painting Worlds (Part 2)”