The Oscars: A Night of Profound Beauty

oscars-2013It’s the night many of us wait for all year. It’s a night dedicated to art in some of it’s highest forms. Whether you tune in to admire the art of fashion, cinematography, music, or animation, the Oscars have something that speaks to each one of us. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate all the varied and higher beauties of this life. International author and religious leader Mary Baker Eddy says, “My sense of the beauty of the universe is, that beauty typifies holiness, and is something to be desired.” Tonight’s Academy Awards are about more than glitz and glamour, the event is a representation of beauty, including dedication, diligence, and passion, that characterizes holiness. Continue reading “The Oscars: A Night of Profound Beauty”


The Hobbit: Satisfaction Guaranteed

TheHobbit-Bilbo1Sht-Dom-RGB-1600x2366-jpg_183208I was totally stoked when I heard Peter Jackson planned to make The Hobbit! Now, almost a year later, the prequel to the beloved Lord of the Rings trilogy has finally arrived. It’s the first of another trilogy that follows young hobbit Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) as he leaves his comfortable home in The Shire for a dwarf and danger filled adventure to the Lonely Mountain. According to a recent trailer, critics already call it a “visually stunning” “movie of the year.”

Any LOTR fan knows it requires a solid commitment between backside and chair to finish one of the three-hour installments. The Hobbit is no different. I’ll confess right away, The Hobbit was noticeably three hours (or darn near three hours). Some moments called for dramatic shifting in my seat or cramming ropes of red licorice in my mouth to keep alert. Despite this, the commitment is worth the while. The acting was strong, the score beautiful, the cinematography dazzling, and the script pleasantly peppered with humor. Continue reading “The Hobbit: Satisfaction Guaranteed”

Wake Up Your Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty—the very title of the Disney film encapsulates a host of negative messages for women. It reflects a patriarchal view that a woman’s silence marks her value. It’s also indicative of a desire to display women as pretty, inanimate objects. The fact that Princess Aurora is only present for about twenty minutes of the entire seventy five minute movie also does nothing to support her as strong role-model for young girls and women. However, a deeper analysis puts a new spin on both the title and this princess. Continue reading “Wake Up Your Sleeping Beauty”

Cinderella’s Secrets to Success

Disney’s Cinderella: a simple rags-to-riches romance that has influenced decades of young girls and women to dream of their own “happily ever after” complete with Prince Charming. The “sweetest story ever told” seems to perpetuate the idea that salvation from life’s hardships comes through marriage and that finding “Mr. (or Mrs.) Right” transforms one from ordinary to extraordinary. However, considering the movie again, Cinderella actually illustrates a quest for sisterhood and ultimate self-actualization (a sense of oneself as a whole individual). Cinderella’s efforts prove fruitful while her stepmother and stepsisters fail.  Cinderella’s recipe for success? Respect, hard work, patient giving, and independence based on a solid sense of self-worth. Continue reading “Cinderella’s Secrets to Success”

Take Your Place in History

It’s no news that movie theatre tickets have skyrocketed. I remember when a matinee was 5 bucks. The soaring prices even repel me (a most devoted movie fan) from the cinema. While the increasing prices devastate our wallets, the bigger tragedy is that people are forced to skip out on some cinematic masterpieces and are thereby excluded from history. Continue reading “Take Your Place in History”

Debris of the Day (Part 2)

            Julie entered the house and was greeted with the smell of yellow cake and homemade chocolate frosting cooking on the stove. She inhaled the sweet aroma and tip-toed to her room.

            “Julie Harvey!” Viola snapped. Julie froze and then turned to face her mother. “Where have you been? And what did you do to your beautiful dress? This is unacceptable behavior, young lady! Go to your room and change. You wash your feet too! And since you did not obey me when I told you not to go outside again there will be no birthday cake for you tonight.”


            “Hush and get going!”

            Julie went into the bathroom where she sat on the counter and let the water from the sink trickle over her feet. Then she went to her room and put on a green dress. She left the other one crumpled on the floor. Continue reading “Debris of the Day (Part 2)”

Debris of the Day (Part 1)

Here is the next story included in my creative writing capstone!

Debris of the Day

            Julie crouched on the lawn, rocking back and forth over the dandelions before picking them one by one. The white pinafore she wore revealed the faint freckles scattered on her arms while the sun illumined the golds and reds that streaked her brunette hair. When she had collected a small bouquet of yellow she ran back to the large white house called home. Continue reading “Debris of the Day (Part 1)”