The Oscars: A Night of Profound Beauty

oscars-2013It’s the night many of us wait for all year. It’s a night dedicated to art in some of it’s highest forms. Whether you tune in to admire the art of fashion, cinematography, music, or animation, the Oscars have something that speaks to each one of us. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate all the varied and higher beauties of this life. International author and religious leader Mary Baker Eddy says, “My sense of the beauty of the universe is, that beauty typifies holiness, and is something to be desired.” Tonight’s Academy Awards are about more than glitz and glamour, the event is a representation of beauty, including dedication, diligence, and passion, that characterizes holiness. Continue reading “The Oscars: A Night of Profound Beauty”


Lincoln: Somewhere Between Brilliant and Boring

uxaCVThe story of America’s (currently) favorite President has finally arrived. Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln gives an intimate view of “honest Abe” as the fate of the thirteenth Amendment (to abolish slavery) and his re-election approaches.

I wanted to love it. I entered the theatre with words like “spectacular” in my head. Nothing beats a spectacular civil war movie (my favorite is Gone with the Wind). Despite the consistently witty script by Tony Kushner, other elements like the acting and score didn’t catch up to its merit for about  forty-five minutes. Continue reading “Lincoln: Somewhere Between Brilliant and Boring”

Take Your Place in History

It’s no news that movie theatre tickets have skyrocketed. I remember when a matinee was 5 bucks. The soaring prices even repel me (a most devoted movie fan) from the cinema. While the increasing prices devastate our wallets, the bigger tragedy is that people are forced to skip out on some cinematic masterpieces and are thereby excluded from history. Continue reading “Take Your Place in History”