The Way Home (Part 2)

            Julie awoke early in the morning the sterile, white sheets sticking to her tanned and bare body. She turned over and ran her hand over the pillow she expected Pete’s head to be resting on. Her eyelids came open when she felt no one next to her. Continue reading “The Way Home (Part 2)”


The Way Home (Part 1)

Here is the final story included in my capstone!

The Way Home

            Julie hurried to the dresser and pulled out another pair of hot pants, jeans, and a few halter tops. Her hands shook as she reached into the jar that contained a few months’ worth of allowance. She shoved the clothes, the cash, and everything she thought she would need into her brown leather messenger bag.

            It was about noon and the large white house was quiet. Julie could hear the drone of the motorcycle through her open window.

            An hour earlier, Julie had been on her way to history class when Pete came up behind her and whispered, “Let’s get out of here.” His breath was warm and smoky at her ear.  Continue reading “The Way Home (Part 1)”

Debris of the Day (Part 2)

            Julie entered the house and was greeted with the smell of yellow cake and homemade chocolate frosting cooking on the stove. She inhaled the sweet aroma and tip-toed to her room.

            “Julie Harvey!” Viola snapped. Julie froze and then turned to face her mother. “Where have you been? And what did you do to your beautiful dress? This is unacceptable behavior, young lady! Go to your room and change. You wash your feet too! And since you did not obey me when I told you not to go outside again there will be no birthday cake for you tonight.”


            “Hush and get going!”

            Julie went into the bathroom where she sat on the counter and let the water from the sink trickle over her feet. Then she went to her room and put on a green dress. She left the other one crumpled on the floor. Continue reading “Debris of the Day (Part 2)”

Debris of the Day (Part 1)

Here is the next story included in my creative writing capstone!

Debris of the Day

            Julie crouched on the lawn, rocking back and forth over the dandelions before picking them one by one. The white pinafore she wore revealed the faint freckles scattered on her arms while the sun illumined the golds and reds that streaked her brunette hair. When she had collected a small bouquet of yellow she ran back to the large white house called home. Continue reading “Debris of the Day (Part 1)”

First Love (Part 3)

            Lola grunted as Estelle opened the throttle and pressed down on the clutch. A cloud of dust followed them as they passed the fields of corn that seemed to spread like a blanket across the Nebraska country side. Estelle unwrapped the piece of Wrigley’s gum she had purchased in town after dropping the eggs and milk off at their customer’s houses.

            Town consisted of a general store, a chapel, candy shop, a schoolhouse, and an abandoned barn. There was also a cluster of homes that had been built on the outskirts for the people moving to the corn covered land. Most all of these people got their milk and eggs from the Tuckers. Continue reading “First Love (Part 3)”

First Love (Part 2)

           The first time she saw Lola, Estelle was fifteen. The sun flickered on Lola’s black body as she zigzagged up the road to the farm. Estelle stood just outside the front door in her dirt stained overalls with her long brunette braid hanging at her back. She watched, excited, as the new Model-T came toward her. The closer it got, the more she could see the fright exploding from her father’s dark blue eyes. The pickup skidded to a halt just in front of Estelle. Her father got out and fanned the swirling, choking dust with his straw hat. Estelle covered her mouth and nose with her arm as the dust settled back onto the ground. Continue reading “First Love (Part 2)”

First Love (Part 1)

Here is the beginning of the next story (out of 6 total) that I completed for my Creative Writing capstone. Enjoy!

First Love

            The black Model-T Pickup grunted as Estelle opened the throttle and pressed down on the clutch. A cloud of dust followed the car as it coasted along the dirt roads back to the chicken farm. It had taken the Tucker family almost ten years to buy a car.

            “Made for the slothful!” her father would rant.

            Her mother would roll her eyes and mutter under her breath, “You don’t have to walk fifteen miles to town every other day.”

            “What did you say, Nora, dear?” 

            “Nothing, Thomas.

            It wasn’t until Mr. Ford produced the pickup that Nora could convince her husband that it was a good investment.

            “I saw the Bakers when Estelle and I went to town today,” she had begun.

            Thomas had been sitting by the fire, reading the newspaper. As usual, his spectacles sat low on his large, triangular nose. He snorted in response to Nora’s comment. Continue reading “First Love (Part 1)”