Disney Princess Series

As many are aware, I have a strong interest in feminism and promoting progress of thought regarding gender roles. I believe men and women can and should see themselves as unique, capable, and complete individuals. At the same time, I have a passion for the artistry and magic of Disney, specifically Disney Princesses. As I became more engrossed in feminist study during college, I saw a clear divide between my two loves. Disney Princesses are often seen as dangerous examples of female stereotypes and unrealistic beauty. I recently pondered the reasons I admire Disney Princesses and discovered it wasn’t for their physical beauty but for the strength of character they uniquely illustrate. I came to an important realization: society chooses what media images represent. That said, I’ve begun to re-watch each Disney Princess movie in order to rewrite what each character could represent in our culture. Instead of taking everything at face value, I think it’s important to plunge beneath the surface of all things. Let’s discover together what these timeless women truly show about man and womanhood!

I will revisit each Disney Princess movie in chronological order and post a new article shortly after viewing each one. Watch out for your favorite Princess (we all have one) to see what you can learn from her!


One thought on “Disney Princess Series

  1. I also believe that “Tangled” is one of the movies that most closely described the spiritual path of transcending the ego (symbolized by the lady who trapped Rapunzel in the tower and fed her lies about herself – just like our egoic voice does!)

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