The Way Home (Part 2)

            Julie awoke early in the morning the sterile, white sheets sticking to her tanned and bare body. She turned over and ran her hand over the pillow she expected Pete’s head to be resting on. Her eyelids came open when she felt no one next to her. Continue reading “The Way Home (Part 2)”


The Way Home (Part 1)

Here is the final story included in my capstone!

The Way Home

            Julie hurried to the dresser and pulled out another pair of hot pants, jeans, and a few halter tops. Her hands shook as she reached into the jar that contained a few months’ worth of allowance. She shoved the clothes, the cash, and everything she thought she would need into her brown leather messenger bag.

            It was about noon and the large white house was quiet. Julie could hear the drone of the motorcycle through her open window.

            An hour earlier, Julie had been on her way to history class when Pete came up behind her and whispered, “Let’s get out of here.” His breath was warm and smoky at her ear.  Continue reading “The Way Home (Part 1)”