Collecting Scents (Part 3)

            “Billy! I didn’t know you liked to read!” Viola had looked all over the library for Bill and finally found him hidden in a corner sitting with a book in his lap. He had his back to her and at the sound of her voice twirled around slamming the book shut.

            “Good God, woman! Don’t creep up on me like that!”

            “Sorry.” Continue reading “Collecting Scents (Part 3)”


Collecting Scents (Part 2)

            Viola had finished studying for her history exam, so she picked up her book and immersed herself in a world of cotton fields and southern belles. She sat at a table made of cherry wood, fist at her temple, supporting her head. She felt the shadow of someone in front of her but her eyes remained fixed on the ink-filled pages. The chair screeched against the floor as a man pulled it out to sit down. He drummed his fingers against the table, shifted in his seat, and drummed his fingers some more. Continue reading “Collecting Scents (Part 2)”