Collecting Scents (Part 1)

Here’s the next story included in my capstone! Hope you enjoy!

Collecting Scents

            “You look beautiful, Viola!” Diana said, fluffing the white veil that hung from the crown of Viola’s head. Diana’s voice was breathy, and Viola could smell the Lily of the Valley perfume that saturated her clothing.

            Viola tightened her grip around the bouquet of pink roses and baby’s breath. She had wanted them to be wild violets from her father’s garden, to match her eyes. But Bill had convinced her that traditional and delicate pink roses were more appropriate.

            “Thank you, Diana,” Viola said smiling through the veil at her Maid of Honor. She and Diana had been friends since Viola’s first year of college. They had been roommates when Viola met Bill.

            “Let’s go, girls!” Estelle entered the room, clasping her hands together to keep them from shaking. She had planned the entire wedding, from the small clusters of baby roses that greeted the guests as they entered the pews to the large white tent that would provide shade during the outdoor reception.

            “Where’s Jim?” Estelle’s eyes squinted as she looked around. “Where is he?” She turned and nearly ran into Jim as he came through the door.

            “Should we go ahead now?” Jim asked with a carefree smile.

            “Yes!” Estelle placed a hand on Diana’s back to guide her out the door and did the same to Viola and Jim.

            “Mother, everything is fine! Go sit down with Victor,” Viola instructed. She took her mother’s jittery hands and kissed her cheek. Estelle breathed and squeezed her daughter’s hands.

            “I still think you should have finished college,” Estelle said before she went to sit down.  

            Viola took her father’s arm. The familiar smell of coffee and blossoms danced at her nose. Viola’s tea-cut gown and peep toe heels revealed the pearly pink toe nail polish that matched her fingernails and lipstick. The wedding guests in the chapel rose when she stepped through the doorway. Her heels clicked against the hard wood floor, keeping time to the “Bridal Chorus” as she walked down the aisle. Bill’s head was down. In tenderness, thought Viola. The black tuxedo stretched across his broad shoulders. Viola thought it was silly to wear black for an August afternoon wedding. She had suggested a white dinner jacket or beige suit.


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