A Christian Science Review of The Dark Knight (Part 3)

Here is the last part of my review of this awesome movie!

BEWARE: Conatins spoilers!

            Now, there’s one more thing that really stuck out to me about this movie, and that is: Harvey Dent.  He is an especially interesting character because he begins as Gotham’s “White Knight,” trusting in a bright tomorrow. However, after his beloved Rachel is killed and his own face is seriously burned, he is at his lowest point and is filled with doubt. The Joker wastes no time in attacking Dent where he is weakest. He comes to Dent’s hospital room, laughingly disguised in a female nurse’s uniform and torments him until, finally, Dent gives in and becomes evil himself. Every time this part of the movie appears, I want to shout at the screen, “Don’t do it Harvey! Don’t believe the Joker! Just trust in good a little bit longer!” If Dent could see the ridiculousness of the Joker’s appearance and recognize his mind games, he would likely have laughed—after all, the Joker is a clown! It’s when we get so deeply engrossed in our own personal problems that we fail to see the whole picture. Dent gets sucked into thinking life is all about chance. He chooses revenge and, as noted before, this quality of evil destroys itself. In the end, Harvey Dent is destroyed by (who else?) Batman. In my own experience, this reminds me to put unshakable trust in God, good, even if things look bad because I might not see everything going on—I might not see the way God is overcoming evil for me. However, as The Dark Knight illustrates, good will always triumph and in order for me to see (and understand) this victory I need to hold on to good, God. “Step by step will those who trust Him find that ‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble’” (Science and Health, 444:10, emphasis added).


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