A Christian Science Review of The Dark Knight (Part 1)

BEWARE: Contains spoilers!

            One night as I sat cozily smashed between two friends, watching one of my favorite modern movies, The Dark Knight, I realized that this movie serves as a great metaphor for Christian Scientists! To me, it illustrates the way good, God, always triumphs over evil.

            As a Christian Scientist, I overcome evil by understanding its powerlessness in the presence of good, God. God is, of course, always present. However, sometimes evil can seem very powerful and overwhelming. From the very beginning of The Dark Knight, the Joker seems to have complete control over those around him. The first plan that he executes is a bank robbery, which is accomplished by a team of miscreants who are killed off, one by one, until the Joker escapes alone with all the money. This bit alone reminds me of the importance to act with right motives and high morals because when we choose greed, hate, willfulness, etc. we can only expect to be killed off. When we acknowledge the presence of the good that comes from God by acting with generosity, love, humility, etc. we will witness God’s goodness everywhere and see the destruction of evil. The discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, wrote in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures that, “The only power of evil is to destroy itself” (186:18). It is, in fact, evil being killed off, not man, who is God’s creation (and whom He declares as “very good” in Genesis 1:31).

            Interestingly, as the movie progresses, we learn that the Joker doesn’t even care about money. He is simply delighted to cause fear and chaos in the city of Gotham. One way he tries to impress fear upon people is when he describes the way he got the scars on his face. However, his story constantly changes. In other words, he lies every time. Isn’t that how evil (what Christian Scientists also call “mortal mind”) works? Evil is based on lies. The only way evil has power is if we give it power, just like a lie only has power if we believe it. Furthermore, evil thrives off of our fear! When we refuse to accept that there is a power that can destroy and create chaos (the opposite of God), we see the clouds of evil fade away and the power of good, God shine everywhere.

Stay tuned! I will post more on this movie tomorrow!


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