First Love (Part 1)

Here is the beginning of the next story (out of 6 total) that I completed for my Creative Writing capstone. Enjoy!

First Love

            The black Model-T Pickup grunted as Estelle opened the throttle and pressed down on the clutch. A cloud of dust followed the car as it coasted along the dirt roads back to the chicken farm. It had taken the Tucker family almost ten years to buy a car.

            “Made for the slothful!” her father would rant.

            Her mother would roll her eyes and mutter under her breath, “You don’t have to walk fifteen miles to town every other day.”

            “What did you say, Nora, dear?” 

            “Nothing, Thomas.

            It wasn’t until Mr. Ford produced the pickup that Nora could convince her husband that it was a good investment.

            “I saw the Bakers when Estelle and I went to town today,” she had begun.

            Thomas had been sitting by the fire, reading the newspaper. As usual, his spectacles sat low on his large, triangular nose. He snorted in response to Nora’s comment.

            “They had one of those horrible automobiles,” she continued.

            “Ghastly things.”

            “Josephine went on and on about how it shielded her from the rain and how she could visit her family in the next town more often. She just wouldn’t stop!”

            “Josephine Baker is a silly woman.”

            “Yes. Then George chimed in and told me all about this new model with an open trunk to carry things in. He said he wished he held out for the pickup because it would be much more efficient.”

            Thomas looked up from his newspaper when he had heard the word efficient. “How could a car help with efficiency? From what I know, they break down all the time.”

            “He said the new models don’t break down. Apparently he can deliver his firewood in half the time with the car he already has. Time is money and when you cut time, you make money!” Nora paused and looked at her husband before adding, “That’s what he told me.”

            Nora had gone to the chair opposite Thomas by the fire and picked up her knitting. She began weaving the cream colored yarn with her long needles as she did every night. Meanwhile, she could see that Thomas had not returned to reading the newspaper.

            “If you learned to drive one of those things, you and Estelle could deliver the eggs and milk in half the time. Roger, Frank, and I could even use it to get supplies when we needed to. After all, time is money and when you cut time, you make money. George Baker should have held out for the pickup like we did.”

            Nora raised her knitting higher in order to mask her smile.

            “I know we’ve been saving up for Frank’s and Roger’s schooling, but I think we have enough for something that would help us make even more money.”

            “You are thinking very wisely, dear.”


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